Digital Transformation with MyUNI Mobile App

As our world journeys towards a Digital-First workforce and playground, First Digital (a First Technology company) brings collaboration, assistance and administration to the mobile phones of learners and staff.

Online Student Portals and Learner Management Systems (LMS) are a primary source of course content, student results and assignment submission. While the MyUNI Mobile Application is not an LMS, it has the ability to integrate into LMS’s and back-end systems. MyUNI offers an interactive, collaborative and functional way to get to know your campus, perform self-help functions, receive push notifications for events, assignment and test dates, and collaborate with staff and students.

This application is customisable to any learning institution – traditional, short course and remote. Each institution undoubtedly has its own systems, challenges and requirements and will therefore have unique features and functionality.

Why MyUNI?

South Africa tops the ranks of smartphone ownership in Africa, and is the perfect environment for emerging digital transformation. Almost half of South Africa’s Facebook profiles are owned by 20 to 29 year olds, with the second-most used “functional” feature on their smartphones being Online Banking. We see that there is immense value in collaboration, communication and functionality being accessible from the palms of our hands.


UKZN (The University of Kwa-Zulu Natal) has recognised this fact, and together with First Digital, launched the MyUKZN Mobile Application for students and staff alike. “We have upwards of 2700 Wi-Fi hotspots across our campuses… providing a daily average of 37000 concurrently connected smartphones, tablets and laptops” confirms Abdullah Shariff, Acting CIO and Director of Infrastructure, Networks and Communications at UKZN. Delivering University services directly to student’s smart devices via this application, allows UKZN students to get academic, financial and service information while removing the burden on the University help desks.


Deciding on the features that would most benefit staff and students has to be met with an understanding of the current back-end system and LMS. With MyUKZN, we considered data that was available on the University’s systems, and instances where access to that data typically resulted in queues on campus. We then ensured the creation of an application that limited queues, prevented students getting lost around campus, allowed for security alarms and tracking, provided student and campus updates and information, and allowed for collaboration.

Main features

  • Two-factor identity authentication

  • Announcements and reminders through Push Notifications

  • Access Financial Statements, Course, Examination and Bus Schedules

  • GPS Capabilities - Find university services (lecture halls, buildings, food, shopping etc.) in and around Campus

  • Access Personal Profiles, Results and Academic Records

  • Campus Security Alert and real-time tracker

  • Social and Sport Calendars

  • Collaboration with students and staff

MyUNI offers collaboration, simplicity and efficiency to your students and staff – wherever they are. Contact us today for more information on Your UNI application.

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